My Art Explores The Colors That Surround Us


Crossing fingers for a climate
change resolution  24″X 36″

Spring Blossoms

Bartlett Lake springtime beauty
24″x 18″

Peaceful Sunset

I’ve done several paintings of my
favorite saguaro that lives in north Scottsdale
12″ x 24″

Santa Rita Mountains, Green Valley, AZ  48″ x 30″

I am so lucky to view these gorgeous mountains from my windows!

My Art Lovingly Shows Subjects In Different Scenes

Favorite Cactus 2

Different scene for my
favorite cactus  12″ x 24″

Cactus Bloom

Painted in one of my first classes
with artist Beth Zink  16″x 14″

Rust In Peace

I saw this truck in Tubac and decided to
“drive” it into a scene with a barn
and sunflowers  20″x 16″

My Art Explores The Heart Of Details & Patterns

Be Careful Little Hummer

So much fun to try to capture little details  16″ x 12″

Gary Gecko

Gary lived in my front yard-he would do
pushups on an old stump table
and enjoy the bougainvillea that grew there, 16″x 12″

Endangered Spotted Owl

This painting was done and donated to
the Redwood Forest Foundation for a raffle
with the proceeds going to the foundation
24″x 24″

Ode To Eagle

I was astonished when this eagle flew into my backyard tree! So much fun to create this collage
which includes an old feather boa.  18″ x 24″

Mini Donkey Story

These mini donkeys were up for adoption
in Cave Creek, AZ. If I had a place, I would have loved
to have this pretty donkey!  16″x 20″

C’mon In! The Nectar’s Fine!

I love the colors we see everywhere!
16″ x 12″